Professional and affordable clinical counseling


Mar 18, 2020

Telehealth (using a video session or phone session) has been around for quite some time. This is an approved method to conduct therapeutic treatment by our governing body Board of Behavioral Services in Sacramento. With all the changes concerning Social Distancing and COVID-19, the Well Counseling Center is moving to all sessions using Virtual services.

This may seem strange, but it works very effectively. The therapists are trained on how to make you feel comfortable and connected. Some of the tricky issues is that maybe your children are home. But we will be flexible and work toward providing great client care.

We use a very secure website (which is HIPPA approved). We will keep everything confidential even on video. Even Payment is easily made online. The therapist can send you a link that takes you right to the page to choose your therapist and make a payment using a debit or credit card.

As the Director of The Well Counseling Center, I want to minimize your concerns. I want you to have the best possible treatment. Many of you have anxiety and the COVID-19 can spark your anxiety, so please do not go untreated!

Any questions please let me know. You can reach me at wendi@thewellcommunity.org.


Wendi Mooney

Wendi Mooney, LMFT